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Dr. Rolle gave an inspiring and uplifting presentation on leadership to the executive managers at the Development Bank of Southern Africa. It was also an honor to be a co-author and presenter for a paper, ‘Responsible Leadership in Africa and the World.’ at the 2012 Global Leadership Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

Dr. Dumisani Magadlela

Leadership, Organizational and Workforce Development

Training Module Description: People make or break an organization’s success. Leadership is paramount to inspire others, coach, build trust and strong teams vertically and horizontally and.  As leaders and employees falter, organizations falter too. When leaders lead by serving employees the organization wins. A viable Workforce Development Model, Matrix, System and Program are the Prognosis for a Higher Performance Workforce that results in the organization’s overall success.

Training Module Deliverables:       

  • Articulate the organization’s Vision, Mission, Core Values, Team building, Exceptional Customer Service.
  • Engage in integrative, interactive and innovative real-world scenarios to design Leadership Development, Human Capital Management, Performance Management, Customer Service, and other key processes, models and practices that will improve the organization’s system, culture, job performance and promote career success.

Developing and Growing Global 21st Century Servant Leaders

Training Module Description: the 21st Century is a century that is revolutionary. Global markets and technology are benchmarks of this century. Start local, but think global networks and markets for developing and growing global 21st Century leaders.

Training Module Deliverables: training and development excellence network

  • Define servant leadership and the ten qualities and principles.
  • Design a model and strategy for growing and developing global leaders in your corporation and organization.
  • Apply the principles and skills needed to forge authentic relationships within the organization.
  • Facilitate leadership concepts, methodologies, the leaders’ type, style, trends, the development theory, process, the pillars and the practice.
  • Administer tools and resources that will help experienced and emerging leaders identify one’s leadership style.
  • Engage in diverse reflective learning exercises that allows opportunities for diverse leadership experiences.

Resonant Leader/Leadership

Training Module Description: Great leaders move us to perform at peak performance. The Resonant Leader/leadership is the ideal leader and a new kind of leadership for the digital age that is relational. It is generational and integrates all types and styles of leadership. Resonant leaders aspire and inspire all levels of management, Human Resources directors and stakeholders to invest and develop employees to perform best, encourage team synergy/collaboration, improved standards and services and job performance.

Are you a Resonant Leader? Does this type and style of leadership exist in your organizational culture? If not, this training module is a must for your corporation, business and organization.

Training Module Deliverables:

  • Define Resonant Leader/Leadership.
  • Learn the qualities and traits of a resonant leader.
  • Integrate the resonant leader qualities with Emotional/Social Intelligence model for improved personal and professional development.
  • Apply the principles, perspectives and practices of resonant leadership to transform your organization’s culture and improve the workers’ performance.

Change and Reform Corporate Culture by Mentoring Leaders

Training Module Description: Change demands accountability and responsibility and accountability. One key ingredient for change and reform in the corporate culture is mentoring. Being a mentor is a thrilling and rewarding experience for both the mentor and protégé. Mentorship and mentoring are the processes used to develop, transform and produce responsible leaders for social impact globally in this twenty-first century.  Mentoring is incomplete without a succession strategy and the development of a successor to lead that organization in the future. One of senior executives focus is to mentor others to take their place and surpass their predecessor. A mentor ignites a revolution in the new generation. Mentor someone, Now!

Training Module Deliverables:

  • Facilitate models of mentoring and methods to select mentors (leaders) and to mentor others being groomed, developed and sponsored for top executive and management positions.
  • Implement strategies and successions plan for the successor (s).
  • Recognize the signs for a “leader-shift” and the time to pass the baton to your successor.
  • Apply and demonstrate five (5) proven principles for success as a mentor.

Human Capital Management

Training Module Description: Mangers must change the way they hire, train and promote employees for positions. They must look at the dynamics of the system, culture and core values and total-person concept and design a human capital mode that will allow self-evaluation and self-sustainability by the employees that will impact the success of the organization.

Training Module Deliverables:

  • Facilitate concepts, systems of operation styles, models and tools that assist the corporation/organization
  • View and value employees as assets and investments to the organization. It also enables Human Resources, legal in concert with managers to design a human capital model that best fit the organization’s culture, lead to optimal employee’s satisfaction, self-advocacy and overall success and productivity for all stakeholders.

Globalization & Strategic Management

Training Module Description: this course introduces strategic management concepts and perspectives that integrate the classic industrial organization in comparison to the competitiveness & globalization emerging markets and business firms. This course also focuses on the critical strategic management, corporate governance, organizational structure and controls, and strategic leadership that are needed for international organizations and businesses to be successful & profitable in this ever changing global business world.

Training Module Deliverables:

  • Facilitate strategic management concepts, processes, dynamics, business strategies, tools, skill-sets, competencies that will equip and empower GM’s and CEO’s to perform at superior levels of excellence and achieve desired results in relations to competitiveness and globalization within their international organizations and businesses.

We also facilitate topics and courses tailored to meet your educational, corporate & board training & development and organizational needs. We also administer assessments and other tools that will promote personal and professional growth and development.

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