Information Technology

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Conferee, Business Forum, July 2010, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Technology in the Global & Digital Age

Training Module Description: Businesses and corporations compete in a global technical and digital age. The impact of globalization, emerging and expanding business markets, international trade & commerce, goods and services, investments and other variables have produced dilemmas and challenges as to how business and organizations optimize their reach.

Training Module Deliverables: Information Technology Excellence Network

  • Differentiate between the terms and process of Globalization and Internationalization.
  • Use the globalization tools needed for businesses to optimize their reach.
  • Combine the economic, technological, socio-culture and political forces to achieve synergy and mutualism in a global economy.
  • Know the Modern Globalization and international organizations and institutions which fosters, regulates, promotes, implements standards on free trade in the global markets.
  • Administer the bench marks, advances and trends in technology that impact free trade and the global markets.
  • Know the challenges and Seize opportunities of doing business internationally.

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