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Dr. Jerry Anderson

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Professional & Career Success

Training Course Description: Researchers and business experts agree that CEOs, executives, leaders, managers, employees and people with high emotional intelligence are top performers in their organizations. People with high Emotional Intelligence are resonant, resilient and resourceful. This course is interactive and integrates knowledge-based concepts, data-driven methodologies, skills, tools, assessments and best practice approaches, strategies, processes and assessments needed to develop and improve the performance of attendees that promote personal/professional growth and guarantee career success.

Training Course Deliverables:

  • Discover, measure and use EI as an asset that will strengthen job performance, have positive effects on your team, your business and organization productivity.
  • Manage feeling and emotions under pressure, adapt to workplace changes that have negative effects on ability to think and perform in difficult situations.
  • Use EI to create a positive and productive work environment that allows personal and professional success and everyone to succeed!
  • Apply the Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills when engaging in negotiating strategies/mediation and resolving conflicts in order to reach a win-win agreement.

Organizational/Competency Mapping and Understanding the Organization’s Soul (DNA)

Training Course Description:

Do you have the Right People in the Right Positions/Job for ultimate productivity? Organizational/Competency Mapping and Understanding the Organization’s Soul is the Right course to remedy this problem. Organizational Mapping is a process that displays key leveraging information in a graphic format to facilitate diagnosis (or gap analysis) of what is not happening; as well as assisting with identifying potential reasons for these deficiencies (i.e. task executions, work performance, hygiene factors, high turnover, absenteeism, etc.) Organizational/Competency Mapping assist You in Seeing the Big Picture, make alignment to put the right people in the right positions of responsibility for high performance, productivity, personal and professional development for career success.

Training Course Deliverables:

  • Assist with Decision making regarding the most suitable actions or investments to prioritize/correct short-term needs or achieve longer-term objectives.
  • Provide a time-sensitive review mechanism in order to assess progress or lack thereof.
  • Analyze the Organization’s Environment and design a processes based on: Individual’s Capability, Job/demand & Workflow, Organization Mapping Itself, Mode Plot, Talent Plot and Key Relationships.
  • Administer the intervention assessments and tools that measures and quantifies the skills and competencies that substantiates organizational mapping.                                                                               

Creative Minds and Critical Thinking

Training Course Description: How do you  implement and practice a new method of thinking, skills, standards, processes, independent thinking for creativity and maximal productivity in your organization? Creative and Critical Thinking have a great impact on the organization’s culture, communications, performance and productivity. Creativity cannot be learned. The way to creativity is to ignore the traditional ways of thinking and doing things. The critical thinking component deals with the analysis and evaluation processes with a view to improvement. This course highlights the concepts, methodologies, communications, processes, solutions and realities to overcome the hindrances involve in creative and critical thinking. “If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” General Patton.

Training Course Deliverables:  Education and Facilitation Excellence Network

  • Distinguish between the creative Thinking and Critical Thinking Process.
  • Describe the stages in the creative thinking process.
  • Integrate and interact to refine solutions to problems within the organization.
  • Apply skills and techniques to problem solving from a creative and critical thinking perspective.

Facility Management, Risk & Security Vulnerability

Training Course Description: This course introduces Infrastructure Facility Management (IFM) Risk & Security Vulnerability concepts, perspectives, methodologies, processes and practices that will increase the sustainability, knowledge, skills and performance of executive management, security training directors and managements in government, corporations, Oil & Gas and high risk industries .

This course is interactive and integrates knowledge-based, data-driven methods, skills, tools, and best practice approaches, strategies, processes and assessments needed to develop and improve the performance of Facility Managers (FMs). The overall objective is to improve the performance of Facility Managers (FMs), enhance and perfect their competencies to impact their organizations and Corporation’s economic, environmental and social bottom line.

Training Course Deliverables:

  • Facilitate leadership strategies, concepts, processes, Creative & Critical Thinking methodologies, approaches and practices that increase the FM’s sustainability.
  • Develop solutions, security planning & management that provide the highest value for the building, human and physical resources, environmental and ecological protections for your organization and community.

We also facilitate topics and courses tailored to meet your educational, corporate & board training & development and organizational needs. We also administer assessments and other tools that will promote personal and professional growth and development.

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