Cost Implications

The training modules and courses are provided at a minimal fee of $5,000 . The costs for modules/courses are also determined on the number of participants attending the training, the number of facilitators needed and duration of the training. The cost covers the facilitators’ fee, round-trip airfare from home of origin,  hotel accommodations, incidentals and other miscellaneous expenses, learning materials, resources and assessments. Payment is due after completion of facilitation of the training or contractual agreement terms.


Request for Proposal (RFP): Your corporation/organization may send us a RFP for any Consultancy/Coaching, Training & Development and Educational/Facilitation services you desire for the Excellence Network, LLC to provide. Please use the Sample RFP template or your own for electronic submission to our email address:  to our company so we may reply with a response to the RFP.


CONSULTING/COACHING  coaching cost implications excellence network

  • Executive Coaching and Consultation
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Real Talk Training: Using Coaching Values and Methods for Personal/Professional Development
  • Transformational Leadership Coaching: practices/strategies for life and business excellence
  • The 7M Cultures Transformation & Revolution

LEADERSHIP TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT  training and development excellence network

  • Leadership, Organizational and Workforce Development
  • Developing and Growing Global 21st Century Servant Leaders
  • Resonant Leader/Leadership
  • Change and Reform Corporate Culture by Mentoring Leaders
  • Human Capital Management
  • Globalization & Strategic Management

EDUCATION/FACILITATION  Educational Facilitation Excellence Network

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Professional & Career Success
  • Organizational/Competency Mapping and Understanding the Organization’s Soul (DNA)
  • Creative Minds and Critical Thinking
  • Facility Management, Risk & Security Vulnerability


  • Technology in the Global & Digital Age   information technology excellence network


Request for Proposal

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