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The Kingdom Marketplace Transformation Business Forum orchestrated by the Excellence Network, LLC and facilitated by the dynamic Alliance Partners/speakers, Mr. Charlie Lewis and Dr. Dumisani Magadlela synergized, transformed and revolutionized the business community and other sectors of society in Limbe Cameroon and our nation. This event was a class act. The governor of Cameroon and Mayor of Limbe presented Dr. Rolle and partners with a Key to the Nation for this phenomenal KingdomPreneurship event.

Maurice Welabi Nguemako

Chair, Limbe, Cameroon Business Forum, October 2012, Cameroon, West Africa

Executive Coaching and Consultation

Training Module Description: Balance is the number one desire and need in the lives of top executives. This top-level executive course is interactive and integrates knowledge-based, data-driven methods, skills, tools, and best practice approaches, strategies, processes and assessments needed for a Balanced Life, to develop and improve the leadership, communication processes, governance and performance of Heads of States, CEO’s, Senior Mangers & leaders and Executive Directors and persons in the top echelon of leadership in government, corporations, churches, organizations and businesses.

Training Module Deliverables:

  • Provide communications skills, invention tools and models that will enable workers to communicate across organizational lines effectively.
  • Empower the stakeholders and workers to become the transformational leader your organization hired them to become; thus fulfilling the corporation’s visions, goals and objectives.
  • Engage in integrative, interactive and innovative communication and real world scenarios/situations, drivers and practices that will bring balance, transformation and Reform personally, professionally and organizationally.

Negotiation Strategies

Training Module Description; the best Negotiators are clear communicators they continually seek a win-win situation and solution…they help each person enjoy the process and uses the best strategies to reach better agreements…

Training Module Deliverables:

  • Know your role and responsibility in the Negotiation process and mediation.
  • Understand the process of Negotiating Techniques and Strategies using the Negotiation Strategy Matrix.
  • Provide communications skills, tools and models that will enable the parties to communicate across organizational lines effectively.
  • Engage in interactive and reflective learning exercises and scenarios that equip the participants to become successful negotiators.
  • Allow the participant to use the model, matrix, tools and strategies to reach better agreement in a real world setting and environment.

Real Talk Training: Using Coaching Values and Methods for Personal/Professional Development

Training Module Description: This training module focuses on authentic relationships through powerful conversations. The Real Talk Training (RTT) is an experience that will change the way leaders, managers and supervisors relate to people. In this training the attendee will learn foundational coaching skills that will improve the way you communicate and your relationship with people in the sphere of your influences. RTT is transformational in scope and can improve your personal and professional effectiveness in all sectors.

Training Module Deliverables:  coaching consulting excellence network

  • Learn core concepts for powerful conversations including listens at a deeper level.
  • Develop action steps that will aid in accomplishing your vision, goals and dreams.
  • Practice, receive feedback that will transform specific behaviors and produce growth.

Transformational Leadership Coaching: Practices/Strategies for Life and Business Excellence

Training Module Description: Everyone needs a coach. CEO’s, managers, employees, politicians, military leaders, sports personalities, entertainers, and persons from all walks of life benefits from coaching. Coaching is about the client. The coach, practitioner provides support, encouragement and accountability for the client desiring to be coached for improved performance. This module facilitates methodologies, principles and practices that enable you to coach others fulfill their dreams, passions and personals and professional vision and mission. Successful people are eager to help others succeed.

Training Module Deliverables:

  • Articulate the five (5) concepts and methodologies of transformational leadership & coaching.
  • Produce leaders using contemporary models and methods for developing leaders.
  • Apply the principles and competencies necessary to forge authentic relationships.
  • Become the transformational leader you were designed and developed to BE!
  • Engage in diverse reflective learning exercises that allows opportunities for diverse leadership experiences.

The 7M Cultures Transformation & Revolution

Training Module Description: The combination of business, education and government is to a metropolis what the heart is to the human body. Through these three 7 Mountain arteries flow the life of a city. Without the marketplace a city cannot exists in the same fashion that a body cannot live without a heart. This training is designed to apply the 7M Culture Concepts, Principles, Methodologies and Strategies to transform the global marketplace. Reclaim and Reform the Seven Mountains and you transform and revolutionize communities, cities, nations socially and economically.

Training Module Deliverables:

  • Comprehend the 7M and spheres theory and model for societal transformation in the 21st
  • Apply proven, practical principles and models for community transformation.
  • Produce problem solvers and world-changers for the greatest global challenges.
  • Be the change agent for the mountain you have the mantra and a strategy to reclaim and transform.
  • Express generosity-give generously and philanthropically to humanitarians needs, programs for the re-vitalization and restoration of communities and cities.

We also facilitate topics and courses tailored to meet your educational, corporate & board training & development and organizational needs. We also administer assessments and other tools that will promote personal and professional growth and development.

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